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The Two Sides Of Gambling

Is it good to gamble? Will gambling benefit us?

Gambling connotes many things. Others will just shrug their shoulders when asked what is gambling while others will immediately say it is money. To most people, gambling is synonymous with money. However, if we come to analyze what is gambling, we will say that it involves not only money but all material things.

Try to recall of someone who losses his house, cars and other valuable properties because of gambling. Try to count the instances you have heard wherein couples had separated because of gambling.

Indeed, to gamble if it is only for recreation will not cause us so much harm but when done excessively will cause a big damage and eventually will ruin our own personality.

Gambling comes in different forms and can be played in various ways. Whether it is done in actual way or through internet as long as there is money or any materials involved as a kind of bet it is still gambling. Thus it is wrong to say that one does not indulge in gambling because he did not buy a card or throw a dice.

To gamble. One must be willing to take a risk and to face the consequences. It is risky in a way that we might lose a part or the whole of our property and that the consequences of this are the end of our family life or reputation.

For who wants to be called a gambler throughout their lifetime? And for sure no spouse or child would be happy when everything is lost due to excessive gambling.

Thus gambling just like anything else when done in excessive way is harmful and detrimental to oneself and to the whole family as well.

While it is true that there are some who gamble just to kill their time or to pass the time sometimes this practice becomes habitual and addictive. Especially if one tasted the joys of winning they will still crave for another time and another time. And before they knew it this becomes a part of their daily activities and so becomes a part of their habit.

Let us remember that the chance of becoming a millionaire in winning is only once in a million and the chances of losing is great. And most gamblers believe in fate.

So the question is shall we also believe in fate? Will we allow fate take its course in our life believing that we will be the exceptional one who will become millionaire by gambling?

We have to make a decision and let us be sure to weigh it properly so that there will be no regrets in the future. Anyway it is just gambling but the stakes might be too high for us to pay. Let us bear in mind that gambling whether done moderately or in excessive form is still gambling and it has a bet which we must pay whether we like it or not.

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