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A Tipping Tale

There has always been a standing debate with regards to tipping casino dealers - it's the proverbial "to tip or not to tip" argument. So we ask the questions, "What is a tip?" and "What's all the fuss about tipping casino dealers?"

Let's start off by making it clear that the word "tip" in this context is not an acronym for "to insure promptness". That is a false but sadly popular perception of the word. It is not an acronym, it's a noun and it's synonymous with gratuity. It's something that's given as a reward or as an expectation for good service.

So, what's the big deal about tipping or not tipping casino dealers? Well, the big deal is money. Money is a very tricky subject and casinos deal with money on a day to day basis. So when we see dealers handling our chips; ergo, they're handling our money. Accordingly, we'll attempt to see the dealers' side of things and hopefully gain a better understanding of the matter.

The casino dealers are in the forefront of customer service. In other words, they are the face of the casinos and they perform a service. In addition to their skills, they should be able to bring about a positive experience for customers as well. A good dealer performs to suit any given situation. For example, a dealer will chat with players who are inclined to interact, or be silent when a player is serious and not in the mood to be friendly. A good dealer will slow down if the players are first-timers, or match up the intensity of more experienced ones. In other words, the services they provide are very personalized and require the use of good judgment.

For the gamers in you, there are a couple of things you need to know. One, casino dealers don't want to you to lose. Two, many are paid the minimum wage and a large part of their income are from tips.

They don't want you to lose because it's unquestionable that winners tip more. But don't misunderstand and assume that they can make you win so that you'll tip them big. The key word here is "want", and that's explicitly a desire. They have no control over who wins and who loses. They are facilitators of the games, they don't control them. So don't blame them if you're losing, it's out of their hands.

Don't disregard the fact that there are all sorts of personalities on the casino floor, and not all are inclined to give a tip. There are players who get too rowdy, who drink too much and who even cuss at the dealer when losing. A good dealer will have to take all that in and still put on a happy face. Just imagine having to cope with all sorts of players and behaviors and still persevere to be the model representative of the casino.

We now know that tipping is a way to convey gratitude for good customer service. Casino dealers want to earn money as much as they want us to have a great time. And it's admirable that they are able to use good judgment to cope with different situations that come with the job. Now we may not be obligated to give a tip but our culture encourages giving rewards for good service. Look at it as a gift, that whether you've won or lost, you are grateful for the enjoyable experience because your casino dealer made it so.

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